Benefits and Downsides – Using eBay To Sell Jewelry Online in 2018

Sell Jewelry Online in 2018

When you first look at a place like eBay, there really is an appealing factor to it. A large marketplace that has already established a large customer base that you can immediately reach and expose your products to really does sound like the best thing when it comes to selling online. However, the reality is that not everyone can benefit from using a marketplace like that and there are a lot of variables that you need to take into consideration before choosing eBay which is why in this article we will discuss some of the pros and cons of using it.

Pro: An established customer base

As we already mentioned, one of the most appealing things about eBay is the fact that they have a customer base of 164 million. That is an insane amount of people that you will instantly be able to reach from the second that you post your jewelry or any other product on the site. Of course, not all of these buyers are looking for jewelry and not all of them will see your post, but a lot of them are looking for exactly what you have to offer and we can assure you that “a lot” is still a huge number of people.

Con: You need to pay fees

Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that selling on eBay doesn’t mean that you will get 100% of the sales. While setting up shop on a marketplace like this is great because of all of the customers you will reach, there are fees that you will have to pay. EBay, like most other marketplaces, deducts a certain amount of the sale of piece of jewelry you sell, and if you also sell other types of items, then the percentage may vary from product to product.

Pro: A lot of people simply prefer shopping on a marketplace

There really are a lot of perks in being able to sell jewelry on eBay, and another really big one is that a lot of people really love to shop on marketplaces like this because they simply like shopping on a place where they can get a variety of different products, and let’s face it- there probably isn’t a single thing that you wouldn’t be able to find on eBay. So apart from getting a large number of customers, you are getting customers that most likely love to shop at a place where they can find everything, and jewelry is one of those things.

There is no doubt that eBay is a great place to go if you want to sell most items, however is it good enough to sell jewelry on? We’ll leave that decision up to you, but we still encourage you to take a good look at both the pros and the cons because it might turn out that there is a better market for you after all.