Selling Products Online: The Most Popular & Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell On The Web

Selling products online is a great way for you to make extra money on the side! Here are the most popular & profitable digital products you can sell online!

Selling products online is easier than ever, especially if you know exactly what you want to sell! Before you start selling, there are a few things you need to consider such as your target audience, your promotional techniques and methods, your end goals and etc. Even though today everyone can sell products online, keep in mind that the competition is fierce which means you should have a plan that will guide you from beginning to the end of your goals. We recommend you to try the Online Store Shopify`s Free Trial  since it is perfect for beginners and you won’t need to know any technical knowledge to use it.  

In order to help you, we’ve decided to come up with the best products you can sell online. So, if you are wondering what type of products you should be selling online, here are the most popular and profitable ones:

  • EBooks – This is without a doubt the most popular and profitable digital product. Due to the importance and emergence of devices such as Kobo and Kindle, the popularity of eBooks has significantly increased. Because of this new modern time of ebooks, the self-published authors are finally getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Every author that will choose to follow this route, no longer have to go through the troubles of finding a publisher. The self-published books are clearly dominating the market as they are attracting people’s attention by offering something new and something unique. Setting up your own website for selling ebooks is quite easy, and the best part is that you get to keep the profit, as well as, the online attention.
  • Photography – Another popular and profitable digital product you could sell online. The current number of images, illustrations, and vectors sold on Shutterstock is 70 million. And this is just one website. There are also other popular websites such as DigiLabs, Photocrati, Zenfolio, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Zazzle, iStock, and etc. that are also popular and sell thousands of photos per day. 70 million is a pretty big number, meaning, if you want your photos to stand out, you need to make sure they are unique, authentic, creative, and innovative. If you don’t want to sell your photos on specialized stock photography websites, you can build your own site where you can publish your own photos. With your own website, you can keep all of the profit for yourself and makes sure your creations get the attention they deserve.
  • Music – Selling music online is another way to make money. iTunes sd extremely popular, but did you know that iTunes takes 30% of your sales? You will get exposure, you will get an attention, but are you ready to leave 30% of your sale to someone else. You can build your own ecommerce store and you can keep all of your profit when someone decides to download your music. If you want you can build your own custom website, get traffic to your site, and distribute music to your fans right from your website.
  • Web Elements – If you have web design skills or if you are a graphic designer, you are in luck as businesses and individuals today pay a lot of money for wallpapers, themes, brushes, logos, patterns, templates, and everything else that is related to websites. Templates are extremely important and some of the custom-made templates are being downloaded from Themeforest thousands of times with a price that varies from $16 to $30. Besides Themeforest, there are website such as Graphic River that sells everything from banners to social media packs, textures, ads, and etc. The options of web elements that a web developer or graphic designer could sell are endless.

Selling products online, especially digital products is a billion dollar business industry. Building your own digital store allows you to create your own brand, market yourself, and sell the products you want on your terms, without paying any fees. Pick one of these profitable products, build your site, and start selling!